Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stars out at Haas Pavilion

The Cal Basketball season finale versus UCLA was bound to have a huge crowd because of ESPN's national coverage and the assignment of the College Gameday show at Haas Pavilion. Among the folks that we saw...

Gameday Staff:
Rece Davis - the host genuinely enjoyed the Haas crowd and was seen mingling with students after Gameday
Bobby Knight - 'the General' wore red (he loves to play the villian) and was "play-choking" one of his friends at halftime of the game (video to come)
Jay Bilas - the Dukie was very professional and gave high fives to the audience as he walked through the crowd
Digger Phelps - brought the house down during a commercial break when he danced with a pair of blonde Cal Dance team members. It must be nice to be the zany guy on the Gameday crew.
Hubert Davis - I wish he would show some of our players how to play in his smooth, in-control manner.
Erin Andrews - She spent most of the evening far from the student section but looked very cute in a dark suit. She gave the occassional wave to the fans.

Former Bears:
Anwar McQueen - he's been at several games this season and I hope he continues to be a fixture.
Kevin Johnson - the Mayor of Sacramento was courtside in a smart brown blazer. He was definitely into his date, Washington D.C. school superintendent Michelle Rhee. They exchanged a couple of (edited) of kisses and he was definitely sharing his basketball insights with her during the game. I'm glad that he's "dating" someone his own age.

Tracy Murray - this former UCLA sharpshooter was probably doing color for the UCLA radio broadcast. He looked like he could still drop 50 points on the Warriors. I think he made good investments, his suit and shoe game was still tight.
Jamaal Wilkes - the father of Jordan Wilkes (and UCLA alum) has been a mainstay of Cal Basketball games. Here's hoping we see him at Haas even after Jordan's graduation.
Here is some video from the game.


Pat said...

NO WONDER she didn't cancel school under this foot of DC snow. She's in sunny California!!! Dammit Rhee!

Jared said...

Yo, nice recap. I heard about Bobby Knight getting crap about his "red shirt." Hilarious. Man, you had some pretty sweet seats. You're within shouting distance, haha!