Friday, November 30, 2001

hey everybody... if you don't hear from me for a couple of days next week.... it will be because i'm maxxing and relaxing at the following resort.... the broadmoor.

yeah, boy. too bad its freezing in colorado right now... and that i'll have work training the whole time!

Thursday, November 29, 2001

today was the first day all week that i wasn't stuck in traffic for hours. my new job is going pretty well but i'm still a little weary of the commute to san ramon. if anyone has any advice on how to avoid the traffic to san ramon-- i am all ears. yesterday was particularily tough because of the rainfall and because my boss and i were in the car all day driving from appointment to appointment.

today was much more mellow as i was able to work on some projects from home. about two plus weeks into my new job, my comfort level is starting to plateau. i've had a chance to meet most of my important contacts and i think that i'm getting a pretty good handle on the cable television and ethnic marketing industries. after another training in denver next week i'm going to be on my own to rock and roll... whoo hoo!

i finally remembered what i wanted to write about on the 26th... i had been digging through some old letters and cards and it made me reflect on all of the friends from college that i had lost touch with. i guess with the holiday season rolling around i better buy an extra pack of holiday cards.

saw a couple of movies that were pretty horrible... snoop dogg's vehicle bones is one to stay away from. tomb raider is pretty braindead but has some redeemable qualities.

here's a news article to scare the living bejeebers out of you... better call your credit card company to make sure that no one opens a credit card under your name.

Monday, November 26, 2001

sheesh... i had some things to write hear-- i swear i did. i think i've forgotten them all. damnit. more later-- if i can jog my memory.

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Bears ruin perfect season.. thankfully

ah... the niners win again! whoo hoo... days like this i wish i was still at ticketweb. among my coworkers there were three hardcore football fans: brian, danielle and me. as improbable as it may seem all of our teams have 8-2 records... brian loves the steelers, danni is a hardcore raiders fan and of course my allegiance is with the niners.

i predict a pittsburgh.niners super bowl. =p (sorry danni)

sign up for milesource.... earn free stuff. =p

oh... i almost forgot-- the BEARS won!!!!! we beat rutgers for our lone victory of the football season! long live the 2001 football bears!

Thursday, November 22, 2001

has it been a whole week since i updated this bad boy? i must apologize to all you loyal readers-- 7 days is much too long to wait for an update!

i guess part of the reason why i've been so busy is that i'm employed again. =p i spent monday and tuesay of this week in los angeles training with one of our regional offices and that kept me pretty busy. the flight down to la was my first post 9-11 trip and i thought that the newly instituted airport security was well done. i didn't have to wait in line on either flight and that was pretty cool.

the best part of flying down to la was running into my college friend mike, who has been commuting from berkeley to la for work every week. we were able to catch up before the flight and that was a bunch of fun. training and work in los angeles was a positive experience. my coworkers were pretty cool and i sort of wish that i was going to be working with them in los angeles. although the training was a bit overwhelming i'm sure that i'll be able to apply my newfound knowledge more effectively as time goes on.

the only problem that popped up during my los angeles trip was the fact that my new laptop had a busted period key that i couldn't get fixed until yesterday. i actually went with out with mike on monday evening to see the harry potter film. it wasn't a bad movie but the best part was that i got to see it at mann's chinese theater. it was a totally cool movie house with an awesome sound system. the difference between the theater business in la and sf was quite noticable when they showed 8 previews before the film. (among them... lord of the rings, the britney spears vehicle, the mandy moore movie and of course, the extended star wars, episode 2 preview).

oh, for whatever reason, before i got to mann's chinese theater, they allowed martin lawrence to put his hands in cement. one hopes that they move that block to the back entrance of the theater.

had a great dinner yesterday with old friends who i won't mention here because of their incessant worries about their privacy. dinner was yummy and the conversation was unforgettable. don't you love nights like that? i followed that up by losing my shirt in a poker game with some other buddies. i swear that i was born under a bad sign when it comes to cards. oh well.

more later my friends.... hope everyone had a happy and healthy thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2001

i'm in a good mood today.. =) i woke up early and visited the new krispy kreme donut shop in daly city! i have to admit that waiting in line for 30 minutes wasn't that cool but the donuts were worth it! =)

more good news... star wars, episode ii (i'm not going to refer to it by its stupid name) is being released on may 16th next year... whoo hoo! i don't think i'm that interested in seeing the harry potter movie (too much hype) but its going to have the trailer so i might have to buy a ticket for the movie.

alright... time to decide whether i want to see u2 tonight...
boy did i miss my yoga class. =) i went for the first time since my china trip today and had such a difficult time. =ppp for some reason the class that i attend at 24 hour fitness was really packed today. i hadn't been there for about 3 months but i had a difficult time finding some free space. i think i'm going to try to add the wednesday evening class back into my schedule.

i had a chance to watch the dvd of the documentary and it was really fascinating to watch the growth and demise of the company at the center of the film. as you can probably imagine-- there were lots of scenes in the film which made me reflect back to my time at ticketweb. i'm sure we were more disfunctional though. =p

just wanted to let you all know that i had a blast this weekend. it was great to hang out with my old 'apimp' friends and we were able to enjoy a long night of stories, reflections and updates. it seemed that all of us were suggesting jobs or potential dates for one another. heh heh heh... its great to have friends.

alright... just a short update for now. hopefully more for you all soon.

Friday, November 09, 2001

the weekend is here! i can't seem to find a happy balance when it comes to my weekend schedules. recently, my weekends have either fallen into one of two categories, relaxed and free of major committments-- or packed to the hilt with reunions and friends.

this is one of those weekends where almost all of my time will be allocated to one activity or another. it should be a great deal of fun though as i haven't had the chance to spend time with these friends in several months. don't expect any blogs until monday-- if i'm done recovering by then.

for those of you who were wondering about my employment status-- i have accepted the offer to become the bay area marketing rep for the international channel, a cable network dedicated to televising material from around the world. my first day is next friday and i'll probably be spending most of november on the road with training and meetings.

it should be fun to have a full time job again. i'm itching to start-- but i've got another week to wait. =(

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

today is election day... all you true patriots out there... demonstrate your american right and VOTE. if you are reading this and live in san francisco... vote for phil ting for MUD board! (sf voters can find their poll places stamp that i'll be sending my holiday cards with. (i'll probably have to pick up a couple of this cute stamp too...

Sunday, November 04, 2001

what a great day for a sports fan. i spent most of this evening with my fingers attached to my remote control following all of the action and for the most part-- the evening went perfectly for me. my day started with the niners/lions game at candlestick park. the weather was perfect for a football game and although the niners did not have a perfect game-- the results were good enough for me. they beat the winless lions! =) although i often enjoy watching sports on television more than i do live-- i have the tendency to see plays develop before they do (i love calling an alley-oop before the pass is thrown) and it happened today when jeff garcia tossed a touchdown pass to terrell owens. seeing a play develop before your eyes is a cool feeling.

as for tonight's television coverage-- i had my choice of the world series, warriors basketball, or the saints vs. the jets. the warriors looked great in beating the blazers and i spent most of my time watching hoops. (if you have a chance you should check out the mean facial that troy murphy gave dale davis today-- man, the rookie proved his mettle by taking the ball strong to the hoop!)

the jets won when the saints self-destructed tonight and that was also good news for us niner fans. =) last but not least, the diamondbacks and the yanks played a classic baseball game and although i was hoping htat the yanks would pull it out-- it was a terrific game. besides, now that the diamondbacks won, the poor korean relief pitcher who gave up two game losing home-runs in earlier games. hopefully he can put this horrible series behind him.... he's got a real promising career ahead of him.

oh yeah.... one last piece of good news---- cal football coach tom holmoe officially resigned effective at the end of the season. definite good news.