Monday, April 30, 2001

ah... the job hunt has begun. spent a good part of my morning updating my resume on sites like, which has a really interesting system to evaluate a candidate's optimal work environment. (Trade-offs like stock options, relocations, etc.) It was pretty neat to spend some silent time thinking about my priorities.

A quick hello to Ivy... the first ever reader of this log. Hey dork... get a life and stop reading this. =p

I got the Fantastic Four movie today! I won a video on Ebay of the unreleased Fantastic Four movie. It seems that Roger Corman made a movie in the late nineties-- but it was so bad that Marvel wouldn't allow them to release the film. After viewing it I'd have to agree that it is very, very corny. it is still funny to watch things like this and the power pack pilot (what, you don't know who the power pack are?) to understand how difficult is its to dramatize a comic book. all the more props go to Bryan Singer for doing such a cool job on the X-Men movie. Now if they will just make a Daredevil movie I can die happy. i'm happy with my purchase though... the quality of the movie is tolerable so now i've got a rare collectible!
the vacation is almost over... as of tomorrow morning the "vacation" that I have been partaking in will end. tomorrow I start my job hunt... endless searching on job web sites... resume editing, cover letters, interviews, thank you letters. oh, if I had remembered the hell that job hunting was the first time i might not have left my job! oh well... those problems start tomorrow, right? i have another night of lazy bliss.

the weekend was pretty solid. saw a bunch of movies that were amusing including nurse betty, little nicky and small time crooks. i have to say that out of the three of them small time crooks was the most amusing-- but i did enjoy the "heaven" scenes of little nicky. it wouldn't suck to be stuck with a bunch of fly angels (reese witherspoon) for an eternity would it? i used imdb to look up the angels in the movie. one of the angels, leah lail, actually has been in a couple of different movies. better than that she is the latest in the string of actresses to pose for the University of Kentucky Hockey team's annual poster. She is following in the footsteps of UK alum Ashley Judd and Rebecca Gayheart. Talk about marketing... goodness gracious-- these posters have serious resale value on ebay! Anyways, that is enough blabber about an up and coming starlet. (Don't even get me started on Bree Turner!)

played a couple of hours of basketball today. didn't play as well as i would have hoped-- missed a lot of easy buckets that i should have had. had some nice plays sprinkled in between poorly placed layups. i can be thankful for the fact that i finished the day in one piece. in two weeks we've had two twisted ankles... not good news.

ok... nobody is reading this anyways... so i guess i'll quit for the night. any headhunters or recruiters out there... drop me a note. =) one more last note... just when we thought we were making progress on gender equality-- now this!

Friday, April 27, 2001

the miami heat just got worked by the charlotte hornets... damn, i don't think my boy tim hardaway is ever going to win a championship ring. man life just isn't fair for him and Chris Mullin....what a shame.
sold some of my TMCS today... got some more pocket change. it actually closed around 14 today... goodness gracious-- maybe I shouldn't have quit. (urr.. no... I'm still happy with that decision). today has been a pretty lazy day so far. listening to my daily fill of romey today-- as always it brings a smile to my face. he talked today about jason williams, the talented but troubled basketball player. (racist son of a b**ch, if you ask me). anyways... my hardcore job hunt starts next week... so far my 'vacation' has been good.. =)

bobble heads... latest craze or silly toy... discuss among yourselves...

Thursday, April 26, 2001

i just got back from tutoring... well tonight was a little different. i took the whole family down to Wan Shang's day care center where they had a family recreation night. Interestingly enough it was a lot of fun. The organizers did a great job of making the event a lot of fun for the children. The evening included a nice dinner spread and lots of bingo and raffle games. Although I felt a little out of place (not technically being part of the family) it was a lot of fun. I think as a kid I missed out on socializing with my classmates outside of school.

Hey... did you guys notice? TMCS is over $10.50!!! That means that the remainder of my stock options are technically above water. Aside from the monetary gain-- this is good news because my shares expire in another 2.5 months. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
urrrrgh. got tickets to that giants game that I mentioned yesterday. just got back from it.... what a buzzkill-- our middle relievers blew a 3-run lead and the game. oh well... at least I got to have a four pack of Krispy Kreme donuts. *yummy for my tummy*. i didn't walk around too much today so i'm not sure about the other "additions" to the pac bell park experience.

congrats go out to djp and melanie for having their second child, Miles Gardiner Judd Porter. if his birth weight is any indication of his future we might have an offensive tackle on our hands.

ok... time for a nap. spending the day watching baseball is a draining experience.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

damn... I just finished meeting with some friends for dinner at the Moonstar buffet. I am sooo stuffed. The sushi was so yummy that i couldn't help myself-- but I think I over did it. After about 4 plates of tuna and salmon I don't feel so hot. I am thinking back to my boy Lawson's old line, "I aaaaate the whoooooole thing." These were my old buddies from Taiwan though and it was a lot of fun. Discussions of bobble head toys and ER stories filled the air...

the other thing that is peeving me off is trying to find tickets for tomorrow's giants game. I told my cousin that we would go together-- but I don't want to settle for subpar tickets if I don't have to. First off, this is my chance to sit in the warm sun on a weekday afternoon... and I think tickets should be easier to get. Utilizing my array of finely honed ticket hunting skills is fun... but I'm just tired of browsing Craig's List endlessly. Keep your fingers crossed for me. This blogger thing is fun... I wonder if I can bribe people to read it...
check baby check baby 1234.. check baby check baby 12