Tuesday, June 26, 2001

my relatives are in town. specifically, my uncle and aunt from hong kong via canada are visiting with their three kids. i have to admit that i enjoy hanging out with kids in small portions. they are all very well behaved so i can't complain. yesterday, we all drove up to the outlet stores in vacaville. the nike outlet store was pretty neat.. i enjoyed looking at the variety of merchandise but i have to admit my self-control chip was in full force. i put down the reversable shorts and came away with _only_ one pair of tear-away pants.

my uncle and his family, weren't as lucky. =) its all good. they bought a new piece of luggage for all of their outlet purchases! otherwise things have been pretty mellow... not much other news or complaining to do...

need to find a place to vacation. got a suggestion? got a time share you want to lend to me? let me know. =)

Monday, June 25, 2001

i'm driving down memory lane.... again. =) it must have been my senior year of high school and i was driving through golden gate park on the way home from my afterschool job. i was zooming along in my 81 Volvo-- (zooming is a relative concept) and all i can remember is singing my heart out to shai's "baby i'm yours". now i'm the kind of guy who signs his heart out in the car... well, that is when i'm alone-- and when its a killer song!

"baby i'm yours... if you want me... and if you want my sweet love, youuuuurs...."

at this point i'm probably driving about 20 miles over the speed limit and screaming/singing at the top of my lungs....albeit i'm still a safe driver during this performance....

i'm only a couple of blocks away from my house and i look over to the car next to me.... looking back at me are my parents with their mouths hanging open as if they've never seen anything as horrible in their lives. upon arriving home they proceed to inquire about what i was doing and if i truly thought that singing that strenuously was safe. one question they didn't ask was "what song was it?"

guess what is in my cd player, right now? the boys from shai.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

remember how i mentioned that i will sometimes give in to the occasional guilty pleasure? i'm partaking in one right now-- i'm listening to something that no "right" minded fella should be listening to while job hunting.... i'm listening to cross roads, the greatest hits cd of bon jovi. you can send your hate mail now to gil@gkelly.net. heh heh heh.. what can i say-- i loved the slippery when wet album.

had a telephone interview today... the position is far from being perfect but it does have some attractive features. we'll have to see what other prospects pop their heads up. today is a glorious day in the bay area... went to have lunch with a college friend downtown. it was very cool to sit in the sun and enjoy the cool sf breeze. i think i will miss the breeze more than anything else if i move away.

ahh... life is about simple pleasures... reading the sunday paper... visiting the children's section of the library... walking in the park with a sweet breeze blowing. am i appreciating all of this during my hiatus? you bet.

Monday, June 18, 2001

short original post today... just wanted to wish a happy father's day to all of the 'pops' out there... and a quick birthday wish to my little brother, bobo.

'til tomorrow
hey kids... sorry for not updating this recently... i've been a little under the weather lately but i think that i've gotten over the small cold that i picked up. of course, part of the reason that i've been busy is that i've been searching for work-- but you'll hear more about that later. =)

as the ultimate sports fan i'm sort of sad that the 2000-2001 NBA campaign is finally over. the lakers have lived up to their billing and have repeated as champions. i wasn't all that excited about this series and i think that i find championship series to be sort of anticlimactic. i guess i enjoy the journey through the playoffs with the different teams, players, and storylines. i have to say that my admiration for the sixers and for allen iverson has grown a great deal with their performance this year. they played with grit and toughness which is totally admirable. props go to the fellas from philly.

i guess now i have to go to the gym and practice my jump shot for hours every day so that i can shoot like derek fisher--- that way i can extend the defense with my perimeter game. =p the way he shot the ball during the playoffs was seriously phenomenal.

barry bonds hit another two homers yesterday… he’s well on his way to breaking baseball’s record for home runs in a season. big deal….i’ll believe it when he breaks the record. even the homers that he hit yesterday were both solo shots—which are practically worthless to his team. I have never been and never plan to be a huge barry bonds fan. so everyone else can give him the spotlight—i’ll pass, thanks.

damn.. trying to recreate this blog was sheer torture. i guess I’ll have to compose something original now to make up for this.

Friday, June 15, 2001

damn... my laptop just froze up... the 6 paragraphs of text that i just wrote for this freaking thing have just gone to waste. shooooooot! time to rewrite everything that i had just written. sufferin' succatash.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

ok... i admit it. i used to be a big r&b music fan. now don't get me wrong, i still enjoy my occassional "i love you baaaabeee, don't leave me plllllleeease" ballad but i just can't past all the crap that is on the radio now. i admit that i that i liked sisqo's first solo effort, unleash the dragon. it was probably because his singing style and voice makes me harken back to k-ci hailey's glory days in jodeci. even i wasn't able to deny the catchy hooks of tunes like the ubiquitous "thong song" and unleash the dragon. sisqo's asian-influenced garb and backgrounds... sure it was corny but i gave him the benefit of the doubt-- plus, who really takes this blonde/silver haired dude seriously? i surely didn't. then he started doing movies... and those decisions were bad at best too. again, i give him the benefit of the doubt.

but let me be the first one stand against the masses and speak out against sisqo! have you seen his new video, "can i live"? what a putrid, piece of garbage. now, i enjoy a guilty pleasure as much as the next guy but this was really crap. sisqo with his gigantic ego is running around with his clothes constantly being tugged and pulled by hoochie-mama types. he wears a t-shirt appropriately enough with the words, can i live... umm sisqo, if your horrible tunes create the next son of sam-- only you, dragon-boy will be to blame.

even the dance routines with the dancers (can you say eye patches) were horrible... man, i hope the rest of the album isn't this bad. while i'm at it.. destiny's child-- get off my television screen. overexposure is deadly... and you are flirting with disaster! shaggy, give juice newton her song back. ray j... stop gravytraining off your sister. jagged edge, go find an old shai album and take some notes.

man, it is truly sad when i welcome hearing a usher or eve song on the radio. i guess this is why people listen to national public radio.

Sunday, June 10, 2001

my knee is bothering me. played a lot of basketball today and i think that my knee got hit by another knee. for the first time in a long time i didn't lose while playing basketball so i didn't have a chance to rest much. its funny how playing basketball for 3 hrs can totally sap all the energy out of me.

have you seen josie and the pussycats yet? i can't say that i loved the movie-- it was a nice flick with plenty of eye candy but i was a bit dissapointed. i only mention it because i just finished downloading a bunch of songs from the soundtrack. the stars of the film tara reid, rosario dawson and rachel leigh cook sing background on the album but they are not the true artist behind josie and the pussycats. it seems that the former singer of letters to cleo is the voice of josie and she's pretty awesome. i'd encourage you to check it out-- especially "3 small words."

birthday wishes go out to angela chen and to my uncle leland. we had a party for angela's birthday yesterday and it was pretty cool. brian just got a copy of crouching tiger, hidden dragon and after carrie's request we paused the film on a shot of zhang ziyi's wet t-shirt. i think that she is a star in the making but she looks way too young. i wasn't that impressed with the wet t-shirt either. =p i had a couple of drinks at this party but after a couple of hours the slight buzz that i had going wore off. (which is good because i needed to drive!)

after the party most of us cruised over to club bas, which was housing the element party last night. as always, i had to wait in line for a while which sort of sucked. waiting outside a club can be a harrowing experience-- between the cigarette smoke and the cold, i'm not sure why i bear with it at all. the club was pretty crowded last night and i had a decent time. didn't really dance as much as i would have wanted. most of our crowd was hanging in the trance room, which was insanely hot. i would have preferred to hang out in the hip hop area, which was a little more comfortable.

the 4 raging bulls that i had were a nice compliment to the evening. =) i ran into my cousin donny at the party which was a nice change of pace. donny is only a couple of months younger than me and many summer days were spend with dink bowling and playing other sports. unfortunately we don't get to hang out nearly enough anymore.

on friday night we celebrated my cousin dianna's graduation from elementary school. =) i had dinner for the first time at the bubba gump's shrimp company. i had the coconut shrimp... quite tasty! alright... that is enough for now. did that satisfy your interest in me?

Thursday, June 07, 2001

sorry that i haven't updated for a while. been pretty busy looking for work and working on draftnik. did you see allen iverson last night? damn.. he's a baaaaaaaad man! ok. check back for more later!

Monday, June 04, 2001

my eyes hurt... must be using the computer too much. built a bunch of Draftnik pages outlining the WNBA's draft history. I didn't find it all that interesting but I'm trying to serve a diverse population, you know? physically i'm not feeling that hot either. somewhere between working out today and playing basketball yesterday i tweaked my heel. i'm going to have to figure out how i caused this injury... and avoid doing it again.

yesterday i actually dusted off my bicycle and took it for a quick spin. the weather was nice yesterday and it was pretty cool to cruise up and down the great highway via bicycle. i would take my bike to the gym or to lowell, when we play basketball, but i'm a little scared that i won't be able to make the trip home safely after a long workout. wouldn't want to be on my bike, dehydrated and tired, weaving back and forth on my bike.

props go out to joel for tossing a cool housewarming party on saturday. aside from dk and y showing off on Dance Dance Revolution it was nice just to hang out and see old friends. the collection of mike's hard lemonade and smirnoff ice wasn't bad either. =)

it looks like jerry rice is going to become a raider tomorrow. i guess i might have to wear black tomorrow. not because i'm a raider fan--- but for mourning purposes. good night folks...

Friday, June 01, 2001

urgh..... hotmail seems to be down for me... this is sooo frustrating. i know that i'm too attached to my email but i actually have emails that i need to get before the weekend. i'm not sure how widespread this outage is but i know that my cousin Nora has access to her account. she just logged into my account for me. suffering succotash! time to go shoot myself.