Tuesday, October 09, 2001

hey kids... sorry for not writing recently. i guess the schedule that i'm keeping with my temp job has sort of screwed up my writing schedule. i don't have a problem with getting into work at 11:30 but after getting home from a full day of mindless work the last thing i want to do is document my day on this log. i think that my work engagement should be over after friday so i think i can handle a couple more days of duty.

the thing that sucked about getting this job last week was that i totally missed barry bonds breaking history. because i was at work until 8 on both thursday and friday i didn't get a chance to even watch his historic homers via tv... oh well. oh yeah, props to barry for breaking the record. i'll give him some credit-- i gained more respect for him-- not as he hit more and more home runs but rather as he continued to be more respectful and humble with those around him. congrats barry...

unfortunately, the giants didn't make the playoffs. which sucks double time because i was able to get tickets for both game one and game two... but the are of no use to me now. (not to beat a dead horse... but did you notice how many "solo" home runs bonds hit-- and how many of them came in giant losses... now that is just plain sad.)

this weekend was also pretty mellow. aside from renting some dvds and playing basketball i had a pretty slow weekend. my back has been acting up since basketball so i've been trying to take it easy. alright, that is it for now. hope to update this real soon-- you guys deserve all the blogs that you can get.

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