Friday, October 19, 2001

life has a strange way of turning everything upside down. as i was eating my lunch on market street today i smiled broadly at what i thought was the cutest sight. a muni bus stopped and a pair of kids got out from the front entrance. they were talking to the bus driver and i could hear them say "bye mama."

the children, who couldn't have been over 9 years old had been dropped off by their mother while she was on duty. these two children, like children their age have done for decades, almost crossed the street without the light-- but the mom honked her horn to warn them-- freezing them in their tracks. she finally started her bus again, this time with the door open-- issuing a warning about when to proceed across the street.

i couldn't have imagined a more perfect exchange. something happened tonight that i won't discuss yet but it makes that one moment resonate stronger within me.

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