Monday, December 17, 2001

hey blog... i think i almost forgot that you existed. employed life is definitely different than unemployed life. all that time i had for watching dvds, updating this blog and visiting the library has suddenly disappeared. (don't even mention going to the gym). but i digress.

i tried to update this bad boy yesterday (after the niners, raiders and steelers all won... again) but blogger was down. oh well, i think that any attempt to blog yesterday would have been a miserable one in comparison to today's-- if for no other reason than i have a couple of libations in my system. i just got back from bimbo's 365 club where i had a pair of red ales while watching the one and only robin williams perform.

now, i've been known to get lucky with tickets and performances but i was very very fortunate to catch this show. it appears that my friend wyman had an extra ticket it had my name on it. (yeah, i know... i owe him one). anyway, williams was in his top form-- with lots of new material that was just tremendously funny. i have a poor habit of not laughing at comedians-- almost making them "work" to earn my laughter but with robin the laughs flow so easily. his trademark physical humor and presence is magnified when you are in the same room with him so the performance was remarkable.

i think my gut still hurts from laughing. the rest of the week should be pretty hectic too.... going to see teatro zinzanni again on tuesday. al flies home on wednesday. i've got a bunch of things i'm forgetting this weekend... =p and of course, i can't forget to update this dang blogger....

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