Sunday, December 09, 2001

ok ok ok.. maybe i shouldn't have been complaining so much about my trip to colorado. seeing as how this was my first formal training meeting ever-- i guess i should have been expecting long days and busy evenings. but i wasn't. i guess a part of me wanted to just relax in the gorgeous resort that i was staying at.

the broadmoor was definitely no joke. the place had a huge man-made lake which sat in the center of its facilities and had golf and tennis facilities as far as the eye could see. the rooms weren't bad either as they were fully furnished with all of the amenities and an outside balcony. the sad part about my trip was that i probably spent a grand total of 3 waking hours within my room-- all of the time necessary to wake up and get dressed-- and go to bed and watch the late night edition of sportscenter. among the other perks the hotel had to offer... room service prepares your room in the evening (they turn down your bed, add some mood music and prepare some chocolates), some sweet robes in the closet and items you could take away as gifts (the hats were $22 and the polo shirt was $55-- a bit pricey for me). i have to admit... the king sized bed was might comfortable... but i digress.

ok... i'll stop spouting about the resort-- but i wanted to make sure that all of you guys who were curious about the broadmoor got your fill. our company got a great deal for the rooms... we paid $99 a night for rooms that normally price out at $400 a pop. i'm sure the rate that we got was based on the fact that the hotel was basically empty without us.

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