Thursday, December 27, 2001

hey peeps... happy holidays to everybody. i guess i'm a little late in warning all of you about the movie, ali. i don't think that the movie is going to suck or anything-- and i'm a big fan of ali... but i'm a big "will smith hater". remember, if you purchase his cds or go to see his movies you are just reinforcing his overinflated perception of himself. before you know it will smith will be president of the united states (or so he believes). anyways, i'll get on my will smith rant one of these days... trust me... it would get ugly too!

anyways, just wanted to pop on this bad boy to say goodbye to dick schaap, who was the bomb, and to wish you guys a safe new year. let's hope that i have a chance to update this before next tuesday!

more about my xmas gifts later! whoo hoo...

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