Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crunch update #1

Thanks to the Coen Brothers (and their new picture Burn After Reading) I am one of the newest members of Crunch Gym.

I have to admit that the facility (New Montgomery in SF) is much nicer than the 24 Hour Fitness gym that I've frequented in the past. Towel service, clean facilities and available machines make for a better experience.

Here's a recap on my activity for the last week (starting Monday and ending Sunday)
9-29: Elliptical machine (30), running (15), stationary bike (30) plus chest and arms
9-30: Bike (25)
10-3: Elliptical (30), bike (30), stairs (10), chest, arms
10-4: Elliptical (30), walking (30) - Van Ness location

I've still got a big bruise on my shin so I'm not going to do any lifting with the legs yet. So far, so good.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I should blog about my workouts so that we can compare notes... let's see, yesterday's cardio kickboxing class I kicked myself for not bringing a towel again because of the sketchy looking grayish mats that we use for weights and old lady style leg lifts.



Jared said...

You are now officially a gym rat! Keep it up man!