Friday, October 24, 2008

Crunch update #3

Here's another update:

10-17: Elliptical machine (30), StairMaster (20)
10-20: Chest/arms/legs (45)
10-23: Chest/arms (30)

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Anonymous said...

Marisa's gym update #3... I decided to try a spinning class on Thursday afternoon. The spinning bikes at my gym are hit and miss, enough such that women show up early to claim the good bikes. I made a mistake of claiming a bike based on the fact that it was in the back of the room, without thoroughly inspecting it first to see whether it had all of its parts and had a seat comfortable enough to sit on. Did the instructor ask if there were any first-timers? No. So three bikes later and fifteen minutes into the class, I threw my hands up and went to the cardio-kickboxing/aerobics class in the other room. Something about rusty, one-pedalled, unergonomic spinning bikes is just downright sad.