Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crunch update #2

I've gotten some good feedback so here is the second installment of this feature:

10-7: Elliptical machine (30), StairMaster (10), stationary bike (30), treadmill (20)
10-9: Elliptical (30), treadmill (20), bike (30)
10-13: Chest, arms (40)
10-14: Elliptical (30), Spinning class (60)

My chest is starting to feel better now after Monday's butterfly exercises. Spinning was something new. I'll need to bring more water with me next time so I can avoid passing out. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my gym update #2. I've decided to post them on your blog rather than my own.

I thought that there was a 9pm spinning class, so I showed up around 8:50pm at my gym to grab a bike. Oops! Turns out that the spinning class started at 8:30pm, so I dropped into the nearest cardio kickboxing class instead. About ten minutes into uppercuts and jabs, the creepy-looking, I-swear-he-had-hair-plugs instructor wanders over to me, and shouts: "¡HOLA! ¿CÓMO ESTÁS?" "Bien," I reply. "¿Cómo está Usted?" He nods. "¡BIEN! ¡HABLAS MUY BIEN!"

After that, I decided to go to a 9:30pm hip hop class. Everyone there seemed really chummy, which should've been my first hint that the class wasn't purely "hip hop for aerobics." The first half hour was fantastic, following the dreadlocked instructor through some simple choreography that got my heart pumping and got me sweating. At last, a real workout!

Then the music ground to a halt and the instructor (Claudio) hopped off the stage and counted us off into two groups of about 6-7 each. The class turned from fun follow-the-instructor aerobics to a dance-off. Claudio explained that each group had to come up with its own choreography and then dance it in front of the mirror. The class regulars in my group immediately got to work, trying out all of their favorite moves and bickering with each other as to what they wanted to do tonight. I was clearly confused, but I tried as best I could to learn my group's choreography. One of them was gracious enough to explain what was going on, and with about two minutes to showtime, our group's de-facto leaders finally realized that I (1) might not understand their rapid Chilean Spanish and (2) might be attending the class for the first time.

"Oye, Chinita!" one of the girls said to me.

Oh heellllll no she didn't. I snapped a "NO" at her on instinct. Thankfully someone else had the common sense to correct her and ask me for my first name.

Anyway, we did the dance, it was sort of fun, and after the class they learned I am an English speaker (one of my group's choreographers volunteered herself as my translator, should I ever show up at the class again.)

We'll see.