Monday, April 30, 2001

the vacation is almost over... as of tomorrow morning the "vacation" that I have been partaking in will end. tomorrow I start my job hunt... endless searching on job web sites... resume editing, cover letters, interviews, thank you letters. oh, if I had remembered the hell that job hunting was the first time i might not have left my job! oh well... those problems start tomorrow, right? i have another night of lazy bliss.

the weekend was pretty solid. saw a bunch of movies that were amusing including nurse betty, little nicky and small time crooks. i have to say that out of the three of them small time crooks was the most amusing-- but i did enjoy the "heaven" scenes of little nicky. it wouldn't suck to be stuck with a bunch of fly angels (reese witherspoon) for an eternity would it? i used imdb to look up the angels in the movie. one of the angels, leah lail, actually has been in a couple of different movies. better than that she is the latest in the string of actresses to pose for the University of Kentucky Hockey team's annual poster. She is following in the footsteps of UK alum Ashley Judd and Rebecca Gayheart. Talk about marketing... goodness gracious-- these posters have serious resale value on ebay! Anyways, that is enough blabber about an up and coming starlet. (Don't even get me started on Bree Turner!)

played a couple of hours of basketball today. didn't play as well as i would have hoped-- missed a lot of easy buckets that i should have had. had some nice plays sprinkled in between poorly placed layups. i can be thankful for the fact that i finished the day in one piece. in two weeks we've had two twisted ankles... not good news.

ok... nobody is reading this anyways... so i guess i'll quit for the night. any headhunters or recruiters out there... drop me a note. =) one more last note... just when we thought we were making progress on gender equality-- now this!

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