Monday, April 30, 2001

ah... the job hunt has begun. spent a good part of my morning updating my resume on sites like, which has a really interesting system to evaluate a candidate's optimal work environment. (Trade-offs like stock options, relocations, etc.) It was pretty neat to spend some silent time thinking about my priorities.

A quick hello to Ivy... the first ever reader of this log. Hey dork... get a life and stop reading this. =p

I got the Fantastic Four movie today! I won a video on Ebay of the unreleased Fantastic Four movie. It seems that Roger Corman made a movie in the late nineties-- but it was so bad that Marvel wouldn't allow them to release the film. After viewing it I'd have to agree that it is very, very corny. it is still funny to watch things like this and the power pack pilot (what, you don't know who the power pack are?) to understand how difficult is its to dramatize a comic book. all the more props go to Bryan Singer for doing such a cool job on the X-Men movie. Now if they will just make a Daredevil movie I can die happy. i'm happy with my purchase though... the quality of the movie is tolerable so now i've got a rare collectible!

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