Thursday, November 22, 2001

has it been a whole week since i updated this bad boy? i must apologize to all you loyal readers-- 7 days is much too long to wait for an update!

i guess part of the reason why i've been so busy is that i'm employed again. =p i spent monday and tuesay of this week in los angeles training with one of our regional offices and that kept me pretty busy. the flight down to la was my first post 9-11 trip and i thought that the newly instituted airport security was well done. i didn't have to wait in line on either flight and that was pretty cool.

the best part of flying down to la was running into my college friend mike, who has been commuting from berkeley to la for work every week. we were able to catch up before the flight and that was a bunch of fun. training and work in los angeles was a positive experience. my coworkers were pretty cool and i sort of wish that i was going to be working with them in los angeles. although the training was a bit overwhelming i'm sure that i'll be able to apply my newfound knowledge more effectively as time goes on.

the only problem that popped up during my los angeles trip was the fact that my new laptop had a busted period key that i couldn't get fixed until yesterday. i actually went with out with mike on monday evening to see the harry potter film. it wasn't a bad movie but the best part was that i got to see it at mann's chinese theater. it was a totally cool movie house with an awesome sound system. the difference between the theater business in la and sf was quite noticable when they showed 8 previews before the film. (among them... lord of the rings, the britney spears vehicle, the mandy moore movie and of course, the extended star wars, episode 2 preview).

oh, for whatever reason, before i got to mann's chinese theater, they allowed martin lawrence to put his hands in cement. one hopes that they move that block to the back entrance of the theater.

had a great dinner yesterday with old friends who i won't mention here because of their incessant worries about their privacy. dinner was yummy and the conversation was unforgettable. don't you love nights like that? i followed that up by losing my shirt in a poker game with some other buddies. i swear that i was born under a bad sign when it comes to cards. oh well.

more later my friends.... hope everyone had a happy and healthy thanksgiving!

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