Sunday, November 04, 2001

what a great day for a sports fan. i spent most of this evening with my fingers attached to my remote control following all of the action and for the most part-- the evening went perfectly for me. my day started with the niners/lions game at candlestick park. the weather was perfect for a football game and although the niners did not have a perfect game-- the results were good enough for me. they beat the winless lions! =) although i often enjoy watching sports on television more than i do live-- i have the tendency to see plays develop before they do (i love calling an alley-oop before the pass is thrown) and it happened today when jeff garcia tossed a touchdown pass to terrell owens. seeing a play develop before your eyes is a cool feeling.

as for tonight's television coverage-- i had my choice of the world series, warriors basketball, or the saints vs. the jets. the warriors looked great in beating the blazers and i spent most of my time watching hoops. (if you have a chance you should check out the mean facial that troy murphy gave dale davis today-- man, the rookie proved his mettle by taking the ball strong to the hoop!)

the jets won when the saints self-destructed tonight and that was also good news for us niner fans. =) last but not least, the diamondbacks and the yanks played a classic baseball game and although i was hoping htat the yanks would pull it out-- it was a terrific game. besides, now that the diamondbacks won, the poor korean relief pitcher who gave up two game losing home-runs in earlier games. hopefully he can put this horrible series behind him.... he's got a real promising career ahead of him.

oh yeah.... one last piece of good news---- cal football coach tom holmoe officially resigned effective at the end of the season. definite good news.

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