Friday, November 09, 2001

the weekend is here! i can't seem to find a happy balance when it comes to my weekend schedules. recently, my weekends have either fallen into one of two categories, relaxed and free of major committments-- or packed to the hilt with reunions and friends.

this is one of those weekends where almost all of my time will be allocated to one activity or another. it should be a great deal of fun though as i haven't had the chance to spend time with these friends in several months. don't expect any blogs until monday-- if i'm done recovering by then.

for those of you who were wondering about my employment status-- i have accepted the offer to become the bay area marketing rep for the international channel, a cable network dedicated to televising material from around the world. my first day is next friday and i'll probably be spending most of november on the road with training and meetings.

it should be fun to have a full time job again. i'm itching to start-- but i've got another week to wait. =(

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