Thursday, November 15, 2001

boy did i miss my yoga class. =) i went for the first time since my china trip today and had such a difficult time. =ppp for some reason the class that i attend at 24 hour fitness was really packed today. i hadn't been there for about 3 months but i had a difficult time finding some free space. i think i'm going to try to add the wednesday evening class back into my schedule.

i had a chance to watch the dvd of the documentary and it was really fascinating to watch the growth and demise of the company at the center of the film. as you can probably imagine-- there were lots of scenes in the film which made me reflect back to my time at ticketweb. i'm sure we were more disfunctional though. =p

just wanted to let you all know that i had a blast this weekend. it was great to hang out with my old 'apimp' friends and we were able to enjoy a long night of stories, reflections and updates. it seemed that all of us were suggesting jobs or potential dates for one another. heh heh heh... its great to have friends.

alright... just a short update for now. hopefully more for you all soon.

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