Thursday, November 29, 2001

today was the first day all week that i wasn't stuck in traffic for hours. my new job is going pretty well but i'm still a little weary of the commute to san ramon. if anyone has any advice on how to avoid the traffic to san ramon-- i am all ears. yesterday was particularily tough because of the rainfall and because my boss and i were in the car all day driving from appointment to appointment.

today was much more mellow as i was able to work on some projects from home. about two plus weeks into my new job, my comfort level is starting to plateau. i've had a chance to meet most of my important contacts and i think that i'm getting a pretty good handle on the cable television and ethnic marketing industries. after another training in denver next week i'm going to be on my own to rock and roll... whoo hoo!

i finally remembered what i wanted to write about on the 26th... i had been digging through some old letters and cards and it made me reflect on all of the friends from college that i had lost touch with. i guess with the holiday season rolling around i better buy an extra pack of holiday cards.

saw a couple of movies that were pretty horrible... snoop dogg's vehicle bones is one to stay away from. tomb raider is pretty braindead but has some redeemable qualities.

here's a news article to scare the living bejeebers out of you... better call your credit card company to make sure that no one opens a credit card under your name.

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