Tuesday, July 03, 2001

congrats to my uncle leland and his new bride elaine on their nuptials! may they have all the love and happiness in the world. =) my uncle leland and my cousin dee were the older brothers that i never had. (and the ones my brother wished he had instead of me!) =p

i'm terribly please to see both of them happily married now and starting the second phase of their lives. i can only hope that this form of happiness is my destiny. =)

i spend a big part of sunday and saturday helping out with events related to the marriage and it was good. seeing friends and family never gets old with me. i have to make sure i appreciate every event-- especially if i decide to move away from the bay area.

after some lunch i went to play some bball. unfortunately, i think i left my game with the fried chicken and chow mein that i had for lunch. i had about 8 good looks at the basket that i would normally convert but each shot fell short. suffering succatash. our team which was relatively strong lost every single game. i hate that feeling.

i got banged up pretty hard too... got an evance elbow in the head... took a hal arm in the gut... turned my ankle. urgh. this was not a good day to be on the court for me.

the only saving grace was that my old college roomie, kevin, joined us for hoops. it has been too long since we've seen each other and it was good to catch up. he gave me the update on all of the lowellites who are on the med school track. pretty astounding stuff. made me feel like i better do some catching up-- or that i shouldn't show up for my 10 year anniversary!

alright... is that enough blogging for tonight? didn't fill you in on my monday yet-- that honor will come tomorrow. (maybe) goodnight folks.....

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