Monday, July 30, 2001

geez louise... i was going to rant and rave about something that was pissing me off but i just checked my web logs and you won't believe the most current results. it looks like my site has been coming up on google for the following searches, "zhang ziyi wet t-shirt" and "sheer wet t-shirt". gee willikers. i hope the folks who are visiting my site in hopes of getting a glimpse of ms. zhang aren't too frustrated when they find me. =p

[just a fun fact... for those of you who have the crouching tiger, hidden dragon dvd... go to the finale scene when zhang ziyi is in the wet t-shirt... you'll notice that later in the film her shirt is completely dry. big lack of continuity there]

ok.. back to the regularly scheduled rant... i can't stand people who blow other people off. i don't know about you but my philosophy on people is this--- friends and associates don't cost anything. you never know when you'll need a hand and hopefully the people who you've touched in life will be there for you. now i'm not one to make enemies--- there are very few people in the world that i can say i hate--- but i never forget when i'm slighted.

to those who show disrespect-- one day you'll get yours. to those who take credit for other people's work-- everyone can see though the shadows and the bullshit. to those who leave other people hanging-- you've got no one to blame but yourself.

ok... before you guys think that i'm off my rocker--- i'm just trying to make a point. if someone applies for a job-- is it too much to let them know that you've found someone else? is it too much to let them know where they stand? it seems like simple courtesy to me. maybe i'm from a different generation where your word is your bond and where simple manners are the foundation of society. if someone calls you or emails you and you aren't interested in talking with them, shouldn't you communicate that? hey, a simple email with, "i'm not really interested in talking with you" takes about 30 seconds. i don't think that people owe others anything but common courtesy. i try to practice it and unfortunately i'm disappointed that more folks don't.

so... for all those ladies who are trying to impress me... you best be reading up on your emily post etiquette books. =) if you need one let me know. i got one as a gift about 9 years ago. =) its still pretty much unread. *wink*

props out to jennhew for starting work tomorrow. happy birthday wishes to jarvis and viv. until next time peoples....

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