Sunday, July 15, 2001

great caesar's ghosts... has it been 11 days since I updated this thing? sorry, guess i've been busy with different stuff over the past couple of days. my family from phoenix, arizona is in town and i've been utilizing all of my babysitting skills. my whole family is still enthused after the wedding of my uncle leland to the former elaine law. Congrats to them!

on other fronts, the job hunt is going ok. i've scheduled a couple of informational interviews and there are some interesting positions that i'm pursuing. I don't want to jinx it though... so you'll have to wait for the updates!

thanks to all my friends who sent me their birthday wishes. special thanks to all the folks who joined me at the house of prime rib (dchoe, ian, kai & friends, ang & arv, ali & ev and jeff) and at the albatross (yingster, oi-way, larry, jenn, jt, monica, beryl & yulius). i'm not sure there is anything better than friends and family... and i've been especially lucky over the past two weeks.

ok. this is a short update which will hopefully hold you over until the main course. thanks for visiting, loyal readers!

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