Tuesday, July 03, 2001

i can't believe i dragged my ass out of bed so early on saturday..... and it wasn't even for free donuts! i went to audition for the television, the weakest link at the metreon! yes, i know television is a subversive means of brainwashing and holding down people but what the hey... i could use the money, right? (ask me if i've watched any network television program consistantly over the past three years and the answer would be a HUGE no. i've never even watched "quality" programs like CSI or the West Wing--- EVER).

anyways, i arrived at the metreon at 8:45, more than an hour and fifteen minutes before the "official" start-- when they finally distributed numbers to everyone in line I was #176... and I got there at 8:45! Goodness gracious... as I walked around later I saw folks with numbers in the 700s.... i think that they are going to be waiting around for a while.

among the folks i saw at the audition: kevin jeu... joel's ex-roomie and the infamous ernie h. of littleyellowdifferent. i didn't have much luck during my audition. i thought that my crack about have spare resumes went over moderately with my room of contestants and the "talent judges" but the homicidal postal workers were probably more interesting.

i don't think i scored particulary well on the exam either. i think i only got 15 or 16 out of the 20 questions which included some of the following:

in the 1980's, f.w. declerk was president of what country?
what feature film did prince make his debut?
what is the baseball stadium known as the "house that ruth built?"
what broadway musical is set in vietnam and based on m. butterfly?
what instrument did jazz great miles davis play?
which black power leader had the muslim name, "shabazz"?
what college football award is given at the downtown athletics club in nyc?
what composer was the film "amadeus" based on?

did you get all of those? yeah. we all did, smarty pants. some of the more difficult ones were the following.

what flower does the vanilla bean come from?
in the english dish, "baggers and mush".. what is baggers?
what is below the equator, the tropic of cancer or the tropic of capicorn?
what astrological sign follows cancer?

plus there were a couple of questions that had to do with latin and french. guess i'm not as smart as i thought. =p

anyways, ernie is in the candidates pool and i wish him a bunch of luck... you go boy... represent the wesssssside..... alpha phi omega in the hizzzzousse!

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