Wednesday, June 13, 2001

ok... i admit it. i used to be a big r&b music fan. now don't get me wrong, i still enjoy my occassional "i love you baaaabeee, don't leave me plllllleeease" ballad but i just can't past all the crap that is on the radio now. i admit that i that i liked sisqo's first solo effort, unleash the dragon. it was probably because his singing style and voice makes me harken back to k-ci hailey's glory days in jodeci. even i wasn't able to deny the catchy hooks of tunes like the ubiquitous "thong song" and unleash the dragon. sisqo's asian-influenced garb and backgrounds... sure it was corny but i gave him the benefit of the doubt-- plus, who really takes this blonde/silver haired dude seriously? i surely didn't. then he started doing movies... and those decisions were bad at best too. again, i give him the benefit of the doubt.

but let me be the first one stand against the masses and speak out against sisqo! have you seen his new video, "can i live"? what a putrid, piece of garbage. now, i enjoy a guilty pleasure as much as the next guy but this was really crap. sisqo with his gigantic ego is running around with his clothes constantly being tugged and pulled by hoochie-mama types. he wears a t-shirt appropriately enough with the words, can i live... umm sisqo, if your horrible tunes create the next son of sam-- only you, dragon-boy will be to blame.

even the dance routines with the dancers (can you say eye patches) were horrible... man, i hope the rest of the album isn't this bad. while i'm at it.. destiny's child-- get off my television screen. overexposure is deadly... and you are flirting with disaster! shaggy, give juice newton her song back. ray j... stop gravytraining off your sister. jagged edge, go find an old shai album and take some notes.

man, it is truly sad when i welcome hearing a usher or eve song on the radio. i guess this is why people listen to national public radio.

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