Tuesday, June 26, 2001

my relatives are in town. specifically, my uncle and aunt from hong kong via canada are visiting with their three kids. i have to admit that i enjoy hanging out with kids in small portions. they are all very well behaved so i can't complain. yesterday, we all drove up to the outlet stores in vacaville. the nike outlet store was pretty neat.. i enjoyed looking at the variety of merchandise but i have to admit my self-control chip was in full force. i put down the reversable shorts and came away with _only_ one pair of tear-away pants.

my uncle and his family, weren't as lucky. =) its all good. they bought a new piece of luggage for all of their outlet purchases! otherwise things have been pretty mellow... not much other news or complaining to do...

need to find a place to vacation. got a suggestion? got a time share you want to lend to me? let me know. =)

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