Thursday, June 21, 2001

remember how i mentioned that i will sometimes give in to the occasional guilty pleasure? i'm partaking in one right now-- i'm listening to something that no "right" minded fella should be listening to while job hunting.... i'm listening to cross roads, the greatest hits cd of bon jovi. you can send your hate mail now to heh heh heh.. what can i say-- i loved the slippery when wet album.

had a telephone interview today... the position is far from being perfect but it does have some attractive features. we'll have to see what other prospects pop their heads up. today is a glorious day in the bay area... went to have lunch with a college friend downtown. it was very cool to sit in the sun and enjoy the cool sf breeze. i think i will miss the breeze more than anything else if i move away.

ahh... life is about simple pleasures... reading the sunday paper... visiting the children's section of the library... walking in the park with a sweet breeze blowing. am i appreciating all of this during my hiatus? you bet.

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