Monday, June 18, 2001

hey kids... sorry for not updating this recently... i've been a little under the weather lately but i think that i've gotten over the small cold that i picked up. of course, part of the reason that i've been busy is that i've been searching for work-- but you'll hear more about that later. =)

as the ultimate sports fan i'm sort of sad that the 2000-2001 NBA campaign is finally over. the lakers have lived up to their billing and have repeated as champions. i wasn't all that excited about this series and i think that i find championship series to be sort of anticlimactic. i guess i enjoy the journey through the playoffs with the different teams, players, and storylines. i have to say that my admiration for the sixers and for allen iverson has grown a great deal with their performance this year. they played with grit and toughness which is totally admirable. props go to the fellas from philly.

i guess now i have to go to the gym and practice my jump shot for hours every day so that i can shoot like derek fisher--- that way i can extend the defense with my perimeter game. =p the way he shot the ball during the playoffs was seriously phenomenal.

barry bonds hit another two homers yesterday… he’s well on his way to breaking baseball’s record for home runs in a season. big deal….i’ll believe it when he breaks the record. even the homers that he hit yesterday were both solo shots—which are practically worthless to his team. I have never been and never plan to be a huge barry bonds fan. so everyone else can give him the spotlight—i’ll pass, thanks.

damn.. trying to recreate this blog was sheer torture. i guess I’ll have to compose something original now to make up for this.

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