Sunday, June 10, 2001

my knee is bothering me. played a lot of basketball today and i think that my knee got hit by another knee. for the first time in a long time i didn't lose while playing basketball so i didn't have a chance to rest much. its funny how playing basketball for 3 hrs can totally sap all the energy out of me.

have you seen josie and the pussycats yet? i can't say that i loved the movie-- it was a nice flick with plenty of eye candy but i was a bit dissapointed. i only mention it because i just finished downloading a bunch of songs from the soundtrack. the stars of the film tara reid, rosario dawson and rachel leigh cook sing background on the album but they are not the true artist behind josie and the pussycats. it seems that the former singer of letters to cleo is the voice of josie and she's pretty awesome. i'd encourage you to check it out-- especially "3 small words."

birthday wishes go out to angela chen and to my uncle leland. we had a party for angela's birthday yesterday and it was pretty cool. brian just got a copy of crouching tiger, hidden dragon and after carrie's request we paused the film on a shot of zhang ziyi's wet t-shirt. i think that she is a star in the making but she looks way too young. i wasn't that impressed with the wet t-shirt either. =p i had a couple of drinks at this party but after a couple of hours the slight buzz that i had going wore off. (which is good because i needed to drive!)

after the party most of us cruised over to club bas, which was housing the element party last night. as always, i had to wait in line for a while which sort of sucked. waiting outside a club can be a harrowing experience-- between the cigarette smoke and the cold, i'm not sure why i bear with it at all. the club was pretty crowded last night and i had a decent time. didn't really dance as much as i would have wanted. most of our crowd was hanging in the trance room, which was insanely hot. i would have preferred to hang out in the hip hop area, which was a little more comfortable.

the 4 raging bulls that i had were a nice compliment to the evening. =) i ran into my cousin donny at the party which was a nice change of pace. donny is only a couple of months younger than me and many summer days were spend with dink bowling and playing other sports. unfortunately we don't get to hang out nearly enough anymore.

on friday night we celebrated my cousin dianna's graduation from elementary school. =) i had dinner for the first time at the bubba gump's shrimp company. i had the coconut shrimp... quite tasty! alright... that is enough for now. did that satisfy your interest in me?

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