Wednesday, August 08, 2001

hey kids. so its settled... i am leaving for china and hong kong on sunday. have i packed yet, no way jose! i have been busy getting ready though-- if turning off all of my email subscriptions and reading my guidebooks counts. made some massive changes to my resume today which i am quite happy with. that is some positive news.

my emails to different contacts in asia have been well received. i might actually find myself in a meeting or two while in asia. for those of you who i haven't told, i'm probably going to be visiting beijing, shanghai and hong kong during my 3+ week stay in asia. i have a friend who is currently living in beijing and another friend who will be arriving a couple of days later than me. my uncle and aunt live in hong kong so that will be the part of the trip where i get to visit posh places and live like a king. =)

i'm hoping to be able to update this log from the road. i guess i'll apologize in advance to my friends for being so impersonal with responses but hey-- why send a telegram when you can post it to the bulletin board. if anyone has any tips for visiting china or friends that i should call on let me know.

alright... that is enough for now. i'm going to see a sneak preview of american pie 2 tonight... my money says that the sequel is going to pale in comparison... talk with you more soon!

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