Thursday, August 02, 2001

two words to start of today's blog: yoga sucks. yes, i have trying my hand at yoga. (you can continue to choke on your poppy-seed bagel now). do you guys remember the yoga show that used to be on pbs early in the mornings? well, it never looked as hard on tv as it does in real life. *smile*

most of the stretching exercises aren't too bad-- but there are a couple of modified "push-up" positions that are truly brutal. i guess my upper body isn't all that developed but i'm having a lot of problems when it comes to those moves. thankfully, i'm taking the course at 24 hr fitness so the other people aren't experts in yoga, either. i think it has been good for me though-- i've been able to increase my flexibility and also learn some handy meditation skills. (hey, if nba players can do it-- its good enough for me!)

went to see the new movie, made, yesterday. not as good as swingers... what a shame. alright-- more for you later.

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