Sunday, August 05, 2001

ok... thanks for your patience. i think i need to stop sleeping in. is it me or does everybody have a hard time getting to bed after staying out late? i never used to have a problem falling asleep after a long night of clubbing but recently i can't seem to get to sleep which is very bad news if you are getting home after 2 o'clock or so.

this was definitely the case last night. (btw, thanks to gwen for a great housewarming party yesterday.) i got home at about 3 after getting a bite to eat with arvin and understanding that i wouldn't fall asleep right away i sent some emails and was online for a bit. when i got to bed at 4... i ended up up for another hour. this, my friends, is a definite problem.

i think i need to start shutting down my mental processes earlier. i'm not sure of the effect of the alcohol on my sleep but i know that my brain isn't shutting itself off in a hurry. i ran into a bunch of people that i knew in high school and folks i met in college. these were totally random meetings because they didn't even know gwen, who was throwing the party. makes you think about the funny ways that the world works.

alright. i think i'm going to go and grab more zzzz's. next time i'll fill you guys in on my big trip!

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