Friday, August 31, 2001

sorry for the lack of updates. my cousin aaron is 12 now and into online games-- so i have to sneak in some internet time when he is away-- so far hong kong has been nice. the weather hasn't been too bad (although, i seem to have a streak of bringing typhoons with me) and i've gotten some much needed relaxation in.

i was able to meet with a business contact on thursday and that turned out to be a very fulfilling evening. we talked at length about working in asia and the different opportunities that might be open to me should i decide to move. it was cool to hear it from a person who was an expatriate and who enjoyed the lifestyle. after dinner we hit a local bar, which sort of catered to the high-tech, internet crowd. jah. the bar was cool enough with lots of need design and materials that were used to construct it.

it just happened to be by chance but we stumbled across a networking session. the business card distribution was fast and furious-- with me, the lone job hunting american, in the middle. although i didn't walk away with a job-- i did have a great time and got to meet some great folks.

sorry for slacking on the beijing stories-- but you'll probably have to wait until i get home for those. i think that i am going to be leaving hong kong early next week and i should be home in my own bed by the middle of next week--- just in time to watch the material girl herself, madonna!

*writer says a couple of quick prayers to no one in particular in the hopes that airplane delays or oversleeping will not cause him to miss the all-important concert*

alright kids... more coming soon. thanks for reading-- thanks for the great comments. thanks for the terrific emails-- and of course, thanks for being great friends!

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