Saturday, August 18, 2001

hey kids... another update from shanghai. ok, first things first... my streak of not using the squat toilet in china is officially over. i bit the bullet and used one at a bookstore yesterday. our time in shanghai has been very fruitful so far. we've had a chance to check out all of the major districts and we've been exploring things outside of the guidebook too. the people here are generally very friendly and the town seems to be under constant construction. every street is covered with people arm to arm and the bicycles and taxis are everywhere. (a scooter almost hit me yesterday--- i think that traffic lights are a completely optional tool here for drivers)

the hotel that we are staying in is very nice. it seems to be very popular among the foriegn crown and it is very very livable. we have cable tv and i've been watching the seattle mariners play every morning. it looks like we get the japanese channel that covers ichiro's every move. i've also been watching some basketall with the chinese national team in the asian championships. yao ming and wang zhi-zhi are looking solid. i guess the television has made the transition easier so far. we have hbo in english and i've been catching up on my music videos.

the funny thing about shanghai (and beijing) is that both cities are literally covered in advertising. there is a main street here in which every lightpost is covered with pepsi signs. there are also huge billboards with faye wong selling pepsi too. i don't mind that at all. if anybody knowing this knows faye-- send me an email and i'll send you my address and my eternal thanks! =p

otherwise things are pretty good in china. i've caught a bit of a stomach bug but i should be ok. my inability to order has sort of been a hassle but we've been hitting a lot of food courts which has made things a bit easier. today i visited the second tallest building in the world and saw a new aaron kwok movie. after i get off this computer i'll probably get a bite to eat and check out a music club. the excitement never seems to end in shanghai. that and the constant construction. i'd imagine that if i visited this place next week things would look vastly different.

the weather has become more tolerable. my dry skin is nowhere to be seen and i think that one girl (at a hair salon) thought i was cute. either that or she thought i was a completely dumb looking gringo. =) alright kids... that it for now. see you all soon! when i talk with you all next i should be in beijing, china-- home of the 2008 olympic games!

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