Thursday, August 16, 2001

yo.. yo... yo.... i'm in china! i am sitting specifically in an internet cafe in shanghai spending about 75 cents for an hour of internet access. (in order to be accurate... i had to look for this place for about an hour and a half so it isn't that big of a bargain!)

the trip is going excellently so far. although the weather in shanghai has been around the 90's i haven't wilted yet. there are so many people here that it is pretty awe-inspiring. (the funny thing is that they are all chinese... i probably don't need to mention that there is lots of spitting into the streets and no one knows how to follow traffic regulations but i will)

so far i haven't gone shopping yet but there seem to be lots of values to be had in china. most meals are costing me less than $2-- so i should have lots of money left over for stylish chinese threads-- either that or maybe i can get some knock-off gear for home! =p thankfully, my mandarin is coming back to me. although my brain needs some time to process what i'm hearing around me-- i think i'm picking things up faster and faster. most of the people who i'm speaking with understand my "gil-bonics" version of mandarin and that is comforting. i actually had a water vendor think i was a native. dude... are you telling me that i'm looking that bunk in these clothes? =p

so far the traveling hasn't been too rough. didn't get much sleep on the flight to beijing but i made up for it on a sleeper train to shanghai. i think that the residual jet lag effects are gone now too. so far i've been able to see lots of the shanghai sites--- this place is like new york-- all the lights... all the people.. all the fashion... all the commerce. its pretty wild stuff.

this is my third night in china and i haven't had to use a squat toliet yet.... will wonders never cease? alright, that is it for now. miss all of you guys lots-- hope everyone is doing well back home. send me a note if you want. if you want a postcard you better email me soon! until next time....

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