Wednesday, August 29, 2001

i've arrived in hong kong after a busy day of traveling but something seems distinctly missing. maybe it is the travel companions long departed or the dimly-lit hotel rooms that i'm used to frequenting now. my family's home in hong kong is truly impressive with two dynamic views of hong kong island-- but hong kong seems to be completely different world from china.

not better, not worse... just different. spending time with my family here will be a lot of fun but this phase of my trip should prove to be very different from the "independent" activities of the past two weeks.

stay tuned for some good stories from my trip today and my interesting last evening in beijing. i'll try not to let you down with my stories. oh, we just finished watching the hong kong version of the weakest link. pretty funny watching the chinese folks constanly giving "eagerness" as their reason for screwing up answers. ok... more updates soon-- with no smoky residue or second hand smoke!

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