Friday, September 14, 2001

hey kids. i just donated $10 bucks to the red cross relief efforts at my local bank-- courtesy of my unemployment check. how fitting.

i hate cover letters. i'm stuck on one and i can't seem to get over my writer's block. i can't imaging how the working world is dealing with this crisis-- having to do _your_ job and deal with the tragedy seems a bit much to me.

the american flags have started to sprout on my block. my folks even bought a small one from the neighborhood walgreens yesterday. i can't say that i've ever seen them buy a flag before. its interesting to see the solidarity and support that a tragedy can bring.

i've been getting a bunch of emails asking for me to turn on my headlights or to hang a flag outside my house. despite the cause, i can't help but cringe whenever i get one of these "support the cause" emails-- because they seem to accompany everything from gas prices to protesting the winner of survivor. i'll show my support for america and for our great people in my own way, thanks.

i've got a red-white-blue planet hollywood jersey that is perfect for this occasion. as i play a long lost trey lorenz album, i am remembering happy, innocent days and looking forward to restoring that joy in better days to come.

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