Saturday, September 22, 2001

wassup folks... i don't usually reflect or reread these entries after i've written them but i think that i should step back a little on a position that i expressed during the last blogs. i think that the outpouring of support and nationalism that has been shown by our country is an outstanding tribute to america. i only hope that these feelings and the mobilization of volunteer and charitable efforts is sustained. i hope that people continue to treat each other with respect and charity long after the wounds of september eleventh have healed. otherwise we will have lost one of the few gifts that we have found during this crisis.

some links for you to consider:
passengers being removed from their flights because of their nationalities.
greek soccer fans booing during a moment of silence and burning american flags
the federal government's increasing interest in monitoring all email and websites used by its citizens.

some things to keep in mind....

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