Tuesday, September 25, 2001

i don't think i'll ever understand san francisco's weather. after waiting for the sun all day sunday (during the alice now and zen concert) to no avail-- scattered applause broke out when the sun finally broke through the clouds, I was surprised as hell when we were hit by a lightning storm yesterday. in fact, just to be extra secure, i turned off my computer and prayed that my surge protectors would keep my modest computer alive.

and today? not a single cloud in the sky... a gorgeous day of awesome proportions. makes me want to quit job hunting permanently and just sit outside in the nice weather and panhandle. which makes me wonder why there are so many homeless folks in my neighborhood, the sunset. i've noticed during my daily strolls that there are probably 5 people residing on irving street now. i think that the city government's downtown clean-up efforts have just pushed the homeless into the neighborhoods. i don't think anyone is benefiting from that.

giants playoff tickets go onsale tomorrow. although i hate to admit that i'm wrong it looks like barry bonds is going to break mcgwire's single season home run record. although my contempt for bonds has decreased with his class handling of his record pursuit-- i can't help but feel for mcgwire. NOT. mac is as big of a prick as anyone and his "about face" when he became america's sweetheart was a total sham. ah, if only i could get away with having the ego of a athlete. =)

not feeling very chatty today... maybe i'll write more later.

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