Wednesday, September 05, 2001

i guess i should postdate this entry...

reports of my departure from asia seem to be premature... as i type this i am sitting in the brand new hong kong airport at a eatery that has free internet. (was this an important factor in my choosing the spot-- you know it) i've got about another hour to burn before my flight even boards so i need all of the time killers i can get.

i don't even know if i will be able to get on this flight. chances are that i won't be able to get on the plane standby and i'll have to drag my butt back on the airport shuttle in the rain. today there was an 'amber storm' warning which means that schoolchildren don't have to go to school. again, i always seem to bring bad weather to hk. the other night when i visited a family friend alone-- we had a 'black rain' storm which means it was raining like there was no tomorrow. i had to walk though a couple of intersections which were completely flooded-- no fun there. waiting at the bus stop while getting wet from oncoming traffic for 20 minutes was no fun either. i could of took a taxi but then the stories that i would have of the hong kong rain experience would be pretty lame.

i think i took care of all of my gift and postcards finally... steve, you'll have to wait for your postcard-- i forgot to write your address in my notebook. sorry, holmes. the coolest thing about this new airport is the airport express train that delivers you from hong kong island in 23 minutes flat. the best part is that business travelers and passengers can actually check in at the train facility before they get to the airport. that way you don't have to drag all of your bags around the train terminal and you can even drop off your bags early--- imagine going straight from your meeting to the airport-- with nothing to carry. very cool stuff.

in news that is not so cool. the cal bears football team lost its opening game. in other bad news the hoops team's star recruit doens't seem to be academically eligible. honestly, the current state of cal sports may help my decision to move abroad! =p

i really hope i catch this plane. i don't want to have to deal with the whole airport customs stuff again. it is the one part of traveling that bothers me most. i guess that is it for now. with some luck you'll see some pictures the next time i update this log-- pictures and a more complete recap and journal of my china trip.

or i could have to carry my bags home in the rain. =((((((((((((((

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