Thursday, September 13, 2001

it seems like the following events are etched in my mind whenever i think of the world trade center tragedy:

i was traveling to a business meeting and had to take the PATH train to new jersey. as i got off the subway to transfer underneath the world trade center i couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the hordes of business people around me-- walking to their offices, entering their trains-- people everywhere. i would later comment to my coworker that it seemed like i was in the center of a different world. standing still while the world just past by me-- people moving in every single direction, moving with efficiency to their destinations.

between 1999 and 2000, i had been to new york about 4 times and it seemed like during each trip i found myself at the wtc or the neighborhood directly outside the buildings. whether it was walking though the snow to get into one of the tower buildings or cooling off by the courtyard's fountain-- it occurs to me that my new york experiences are tied closely to the twin towers. tuesday's blast has only galvanized those memories. looking over new york from the top of the tallest building in america-- fighting hard to stop from being blown over by tremendous winds... hanging out at the windows of the world bar-- spending $8 for a corona, teasing albert about the friends that he had made in the city...sitting alone in the plaza after purchasing half-priced broadway tickets eating a 6 pack of krispy kreme donuts-- then embarrassingly greeting my cousin, who just happened to be returning to her office after lunch.

now i'll never have to worry about forgetting about those moments.

my mind is also drawn to the late nineties movie with denzel washington and bruce willis called, the siege. an otherwise unexceptional movie, the film deals with a new york that has fallen victim to terrorist attacks. the plot deals with the manhunt for the responsible parties but also deals with the loss of america's civil liberties. i can't help but notice the similarities.

for an exceptional first hand account of tuesday's events check out this log.

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