Friday, May 11, 2001

[attempted to post on thursday-- blogger was down]
is it thursday already? wow... what happened to the week? if you haven't heard by now--- the xflis officially dead. i'm not going to waste any tears on this sorry excuse for football. sure-- I'll miss the porno-like cheerleaders and the trash talking of former cal bear mike pawlawski. don't get me wrong, i think it is great to give more players a chance to make a living by playing football-- but the brand of mistake-ridden football that the xfl stood for was pathetic. i guess a part of me wanted vince mcmahon to fail simply because of his pompous, pain-in-the-ass nature. now that the great vince mcmahon has been knocked on his ass my evil wishes will focus on the downfall of al davis. *ha ha ha!*

i saw a great movie that you may want to check out. the movie which stars guy pearce (la confidential) is called momento and is a really good piece of writing and filmmaking. the movie follows a guy who is trying to find the guy who killed his wife. his problem is that he has lost the ability to create new memories--- so instead he uses polaroids and post-its to piece together his life. trust me, if you have some time and want to be intellectually stimulated by a movie check this one out. if you want to veg and watch explosions... check out the mummy returns instead. =)

props out to y again for getting some of us into a rolling stone party yesterday at bimbo's 365 club. the party was pretty cool and was a showcase for a couple of dj acts-- ming & fs and mixmaster mike, the dj of the beastie boys. although i'm not really into the dj scene i have to admit that the party was pretty cool and that watching the dj's in action is pretty impressive. although there were lots of free drinks to be had i didn't partake in too many alcoholic beverages. even i have some self control....

i suppose that is it for now... time to start working on draftnik... june is coming up fast!

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