Monday, May 21, 2001

greetings everybody... i'm back from a relaxing weekend in the desert. =) this weekend was terrific and i have to express my gratitude and thanks to andrew and maria for having me. the wedding was perfectly planned from the gift bags that met us at the hotel rooms to the traditional jewish marriage ceremonies. the "margaritas and moonlight" reception on friday was a fabulous opportunity for me to hang out with the ticketweb team, past and present. the actual wedding was a beautiful union of family, faith and love. the festivites were perfectly placed at the tuscon museum of art. i would be hard pressed to find a better place to enjoy a live performance of karl denson's tiny universe than underneath the perfect arizona sky.

for whatever reason i seem to have a knack for turning vacations into adventures. this trip was a totally different-- aside from the wedding festivites I tried to do as little as possible. my entire saturday afternoon was spent by the pool... swimming and tanning. the cool water of the pool was a nice contrast to the hot arizona sun. i also had a lot of fun learning how to do summersaults and handstands in the water. i guess i was making up for growing up in the big city without the swimming pools and lakes. i've got a little bit of burn on my shoulders... but i think that hanging poolside was a big plus! (going to have to do that again soon!)

ok... more about this weekend in the next update.

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