Friday, May 04, 2001

i want to crawl back into bed. isn't that one of the luxuries of being unemployed? yesterday was a good start to what appears to be a very busy weekend. thanks to Y (mr. hookup), who helped to get us tickets for the preview of the Mummy Returns. All in all it was a decent movie-- thankfully they kept the number of lines that The Rock had to a minimum. Saw a lot of peeps from college and high school at the theater... go figure.

after the movie, gin doggy dog and i went to go check out the newest in-thing, the drink club. the party was at club bas and it was decent. the music wasn't bad and the crowd was pretty mellow. well, i should mention the one small exception when a couple of guys tried to get into it. the two dudes ended up just throwing their drinks at each other and partaking in a small stare down. damn-- no bullet holes!

saw more old friends at this party including al's little sister, angela. now that was a blast from the past. let's see who else i see the rest of this weekend... take care and be safe!

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