Monday, May 07, 2001

the rest of the weekend was a lot of fun. went out friday to celebrate the birthday's of dk, dave choe, and angela. we started off at dave & busters which is always a ton of fun. if you haven't been there before it is sort of a chuck e. cheese's for adults. lots of video and skill games for the kid in all of us. props to my homeboy gavin who is back for summer vacation. after shooting a bunch of free throws and a bunch of pump-a-shot games it was time for some of us to leave.

ivy, larry, sabrina and i left d & b's early to head to party in oakland. we got there especially early because we had some friends who needed us to help them get in. the party was at a hotel called ibiza which actually made a terrific club locale. rumor has it that ibiza used to be a "swingers club" before it was recently converted. in looking at the layout that made some sense-- the dance floor had lots of stripper's poles and there were lots of adjecent rooms with patio-style door entrances. it was a cool club location because there were was a swimming pool area where people could lounge. wouldn't mind partying there again sometime.

the rest of the weekend was pretty chill. went to visit the APO banquet for a couple of minutes and played some bball on sunday. nothing exciting... just enjoying the warm, sunny weather. alright, no updates for a couple of days... see you when i see you!

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