Sunday, May 13, 2001

*walking in with a strut* who's in the hoooooouse? first off, happy mother's day to everybody out there. i can't overestimate the importance of mothers in this world. don't forget to call your mom to remind her of how much she means to you today. =)

ok... so the reason that i've got a little extra spring in my step is because i just landed tickets to the madonna tour!!!! sure, i've been able to purchase better seats in my life but i don't think that i've ever awaited a show as much as this. not only that but i was able to get tickets for my friends to attend too! if you have forgotten, i used to work at a ticketing company so i know a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to onsales. one thing that i know for sure is that website blows donkeys. in all of the times that i have tried to buy a high-demand show through them they have always screwed me. ticketmaster on the other hand never screws up your web order once you have gotten a seat allocation.

now that most ticketing companies enforce a "lottery" system at the retail stores that discourages waiting in line overnight ticket purchasing is a total crapshoot-- getting in online, over the phone or having your wristband chosen at random is a completely random proposition. (the only thing i know that is foolproof is buying one of those high-speed telephone dialing machines). anyways, like the lone sperm that fights its way to the egg--- i was able to get tickets on the crappy website! i'm so stoked! (of course, my efforts to get another set of tickets was foiled by> faulty website, of course.

ok... i'm off this morning to see if i can score a willie mccovey bobblehead from the giants game. hope my string of good luck stays a little longer!

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