Tuesday, May 15, 2001

sorry for not filling you in on the rest of my weekend. my forehead is a bit red from sitting out in the sun yesterday. i was lucky enough to get a bleacher seat for yesterday's giants game for $10 (face value). i got the willie mccovey bobblehead that i was trying to get too! folks are already selling them on ebay for an excess of $60. i don't plan on selling mine though-- i'll keep them tucked away as part of my permanent collection.

after the game i went and had mother's day dinner with my extended family. my relatives made a nice diverse spread and it was a nice dinner. after we finished eating, my young cousin showed us a home movie that she and her friends made. although the movie was a little raw i'm sure they are on their way to the sundance film festival. =)

i almost forgot to record my saturday on this log. it started off pretty auspiciously when i tried to take muni downtown to meet with larry, ivy and angie l. the freaking N Judah decided to die on my so the entire bus had to transfer to a different bus (and walk up a steep UCSF hill). Luckily enough, i ran into angie k. on that second bus and we had a good time talking during our extended bus ride. i had lunch and got to spend some time hanging out with larry, ivy, and angie.

later that evening i met up with some other folks for the KFOG Kaboom concert and fireworks performance. thankfully, the evening wasn't too cold as i didn't bring a coat with me that day. the crowd down at pier 30 was pretty considerable but it was a nice environment. i caught the end of blues travelers' set but there was no chance of me getting close to the stage. i was pretty impressed with the fireworks show. there were a lot of new fireworks that i was pretty impressed with-- neat stuff like smiley faces and fireworks that created cloud-like images. all in all i was pretty impressed with the setup and the fireworks.

after the performance, dk took us over to the scient offices. we had the chance to get comfortable and out of the cold which was cool. the offices were pretty cool with lots of snacks and facilities for us to enjoy. =) i won't go too much into detail about the rest of our exploits but you as you may of guessed our hijinks ended with spilled sodas and stained furniture. hey... they are going to ditch the offices anyways, geez. =)

alright. i think that is enough of an update for now. going to see the sneak preview of shrek tomorrow. the fun never ends...

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