Saturday, May 26, 2001

hey kids, thanks for returning to my web log. as most of you know blog*spot, the company that hosts web logs for folks like me has been down for the better part of the week. thankfully the frustration is over and we are back online.

i bet you are asking yourself what i've been doing all week.... hmm. good question. let me see if i can recap for ya. friday was pretty mellow- woke up early and looked for work. completed a couple more pages of draftnik. building this site is like furnishing a house. the more stuff you add to it the mor e that you think you need to add. urgh. that isn't good news. =)

in the afternoon i went to pick up my boy ian from the airport and did some shopping at tower records. unfortunately for me, tower had an in-store appearance by the cowboy junkies. i hadn't really heard of them and wasn't really looking to check them out so i was kind of bummed as their fans were inhibiting my shopping experience. man, the life of a rock star can't be easy-- from constantly doing radio appearances and record store signings life can get pretty brutal.

last night, one of this site's loyal readers, kai was nice enough to host a dinner last night at postrio. maybe i'm just a commoner, but i don't generally don't frequent restaurants as nice as postrio. kai also brought an exquisite wine from his collection which capped off a great dinner. kai, props go out to you!

alright i'm going to do a load of laundry. more updates in a couple of minutes.

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