Tuesday, May 15, 2001

today was relatively uneventful. no huge crises or life-changing decisions. yeah, right. every hour of every day seems to be filled with life-changing decisions for me. maybe i'm just being melodramatic. i'm not really sure what to think.

went to see the sneak preview today of shrek. left the film in a relatively good mood, which in some ways is all that you can ask from a movie. spoke with a bunch of friends on the phone today. barnone is working on a new business venture and my best wishes go out to him. my epiphany hasn't arrived yet but hope springs eternal, right?

do you know that feeling when you make a wrong turn and you aren't quite sure how to correct your mistake? most of the time even when i make a mistake or make a bad decision i just grin and bear it. i get through the situation as best as possible-- it is just one of my traits to deal and to prosper despite obstacles. for some reason i'm just not as confident about my direction and choices. i try not to regret things that i've done in life. regret is like a monkey that rests on your shoulder-- waking you up at all times of night, making life unbearable. i'm having a hard time avoiding those regretful feelings tonight.

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