Thursday, May 03, 2001

urgh. my arms are sore from working out. yesterday i hung out with larry and among other things we lifted weights at 24 hr fitness. now don't get me wrong, i've been going to the gym consistently since i left tweb but my workouts are usually cardio-based. although my arms and chest aren't puny-- i've got no weight lifting stamina at all. i guess i'm not used to doing 3 reps (of 12) at a time. i have a feeling that working out with a partner we be good so maybe positive results are ahead.

yesterday was the free ice cream cone day at baskin-robbins and ben & jerry's. i rolled by my local BR to see how long the line was and wasn't particularily surprised to find the line stretching down a whole block. there was no way that i was going to wait in that line-- damn, maybe i should have went to a store in a non-Chinese neighborhood... you know how we chinese people are when it comes to free stuff. =)

today is going to be the start of yet another busy weekend. what is the deal with all of my friends being born in april? as if my bank account needed more draining. hey... got my check from the employment development department today... yeah baby!

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